Welcome to the VR Lounge in Masterton Wairarapa

Come try our virtual reality setup from 10am onwards at 4 Perry St in Masterton.

Be sure to book your spot. You can play from as short as 5 minutes up to as long as 120 mins. Special requests can be made if you are more inclined to keep playing.

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Our Top 3 Experiences being played right now

Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest technology of experiencing new realities that you might never have imagined! VR immerses you into new worlds that you can interact with.

If you have never tried VR you will be in for a massive surprise!

What does VR gaming look like?

VR Gaming is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. And the only way to truly get it, is to slap on a pair of High End goggles connected to a super fast computer. That stuff your friend was showing you connected to a phone shouldn’t be called VR.

It doesn’t matter if you have tried VR before or not and any physical ability is ok. We are wheelchair friendly and actually have been told by many people with vision impairment that VR allows them to see better in the virtual world! How neat is that!

There are many experiences to suit everyone, so grab Mum, Dad and the Grand Parents and come have a blast.

General anyone over 5 years old can enjoy many of our experiences. Children under 7 will need parental support and all games and experiences do have set age restrictions depending on the type of content they offer.


We use HTC Vive products as they are the top of the line out of all VR systems. You will love the immersive digital experience in our large play areas. Enjoy using the comfortable haptic feedback controllers to help you interact with your new world.

We have a great selection of games and experiences for you to try